Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lex Appeal

I'm watching the Dallas/Washington game and I notice that Clancy Brown is the official voice of Home Depot. I've been as fan of Brown ever since the Shawshank Redemption, but if I hear just his voice, I tend to think of Lex Luthor, which he voiced, brilliantly I might add, for the Superman and later Justice League cartoons.

And then I remembered that the official spokesman for Lowes, Home Depot's main competitor, is Gene Hackman.

Could someone please explain to me why national home improvement superstore chains want to be associated with the greatest criminal mind in history? What is it about a voice that orders Superman's death that makes the home viewer think, "hmm, it's time to re-do the kitchen cabinets"?

And who are Michael Rosenbaum and Kevin Spacey going to pitch for?


Brandon Bragg said...

Wal-Mart and Target, respectively.

Steven said...

oh. Well that was easy.