Wednesday, September 27, 2006

By the Stones of the Infinite

Occasionally when reading fantasy, an author creates an image, an idea of such cosmic horror that the mere contemplation of which could drive men mad.

Whether it is the gruesome Grand Guignol of a Stephen King novel, the more metaphysic disorientation of H. P. Lovecraft's non-Euclidian worlds, or the stark depths of human cruelty detailed by Edgar Allan Poe, you read things that make you question the sanity, the morality, the very humanity of the author.

I came across one of those ideas today. One of the writers of 52 not only conceived this mind-killing meme, but decided to write it down and share it with over 100,000 comic book readers. Who was it? I want to know who is responsible for making me consider Darkseid's testicles.

Let me repeat that.



And I thought "Screech Sex Tape" was going to be the scariest idea I would confront today.


SallyP said...

Steven, my dear, that is truely disturbing. AND it's Darkseid. Eeeuuuww.

Anonymous said...
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Steven said...

I don't like deleting comments, Dan, because it feels too much like cultivating a bunch of sycophants if only people who agree with me can post, but you've managed to hit most of my buttons.

Mistake number one: nearly anonymous name. What, no website? or e-mail address, or any way to respond except on my blog? And a pseudonym at that? (unless that is your real name, in which case, boy am I sorry).

Mistake number two: dismissive nickname. You don't know me, you don't get to call me that.

Mistake number three: misreading my post. I DON'T want to see a Dustin Diamond sex tape. The fact that I compared it to an existential Cthuloid horror makes that pretty clear.

Mistake number four: derogatory language.

So, in case you're wondering why your post isn't there anymore...