Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is Green Skin Some Kind of Turn On?

I have a longer post on Detective Comics #823 that I want to be very careful writing before posting, so in the meantime a thought I had while composing:

The plot depends upon Pamela Isley's ability to walk into a bar and pick up strangers. To which I have to ask, "don't they notice that she's, y'know, green?" Isn't that kind of a hint that she's POISON FRICKEN IVY, known killer and walking bio-hazard? That MAYBE it's not a good idea to go home with her?

Or are there a lot of green women running around the meet-markets of Gotham? Are there enough aliens, Atlantians, mutants, robots, and anthropomorphic animals running around the DCU that green skin just isn't that big a deal any more? Not just green, of course. Starfire's orange, Bulletteer's silver, Blue Devil's, well... and they seem to be able to have normal lives, outside of superheroing. I mean, Detective Chimp may get funny looks when he orders his soda in a French cafe, but they still serve him (and EVERYBODY gets funny looks in a French cafe).

So maybe the citizens of Gotham have just gotten used to the fantastic, and don't give the green skin a second glance. What's one more plant person, more or less?

Still, if she's walking around in her usual garb of strategically placed foliage, and looks like POISON IVY, then I just MIGHT consider hitting on the brunette in the corner instead.


Ragnell said...

Well, Jade seemed to be a pretty big deal. She was a supermodel, and her non-green form in Infinity Inc was not very supermodelly.

It must be the color. Like red hair.

Tom Foss said...

And Gar Logan was a well-known actor. It's possible that "green skin" is just one of those things in the DCU. It's exotic, it's different, etc.

Steven said...

p.s. in trying to find that picture for the post, I learned something VERY IMPORTANT:

Do not do a Google image search for "Poison Ivy skin".

You will not like what you find.

Matthew E said...

Brainiac 5 did okay. He held Supergirl and/or Laurel Gand's interest for quite a while, and after that there was the lovely Dr. Chaseer.

RedheadFangirl said...

Always choose the redhead. Especially one that can make a mean container garden.

Bully said...

Well, it's always been a turn-on for Miss Piggy.