Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ah, So THAT'S What It's For

The bare midriff is an interesting fashion. As a heterosexual male with ZERO fashion sense, all I can say is, that's kind of a hot look, on girls who have a body that can pull it off.

What it doesn't have is a lot of authority. Which is fine if you're talking about someone like Supergirl, but probably wouldn't fly on someone like Wonder Woman, for example.

So it was sort of surprise that Terry Dodson, in redesigning Wonder Woman's foes for her new series, would put a human looking Cheetah, a.k.a. Dr. Barbara Minerva in a midriff baring halter-top, especially since he took Giganta, a.k.a. Professor Zuel, out of her fur bikini and into a more sensible jumpsuit. Even if clothes are a step-up from her usual nakedness, an exposed belly button doesn't exactly strike terror into the hearts of your enemies, so the design didn't make sense to me.

Until she first transforms into her Cheetah form:

Suddenly the exposed midriff seemed clever... necessary even!

Because the midriff allows her tail to stick out the back without making a hole in her costume.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. It's an example of, I don't know, actually APPLYING SOME DESIGN SENSE. Terry Dodson, when he's thinking, can make beautiful women look like they can dress themselves. Cheetah looks good, it's got a practical reason, let's go.

On huntress, though? PHHBT.