Thursday, August 24, 2006

Justice League of America #1

I really enjoyed Justice League of America #1. Screw you guys, I don't care what you say, I like me Emo Red Tornado.

'Course, I also liked Identity Crisis.

I liked it for the same reasons I liked this issue;

great art (unless you're looking to be offended, this is some of Benes's best work yet) ,

good dialogue,

a nice grasp of characters and their relationships,

a good mounting sense of dread,

and more good ideas in throwaway lines than some writers have in an entire run (A.I. grapevine and "Hush Tube").

That said, if it turns out Traya is behind the whole thing,



Sleestak said...

The difference being now, of course, when John Smith explodes it will be really, really gross.

Chris said...

Hey! Someone else who liked Identity Crisis! Does Burgas from Comics Should Be Good give you grief about it too?

I swear, admitting you like that comic in the blogosphere is like painting a big red "A" on your chest.

At least I have company!

Steven said...


First off, did I ever tell you how much I love that Blogger profile photo? So, so much.

Secondly, I'm really hoping the whole "I blow up now" was a design flaw in the Red Tornado robot and not a personality flaw in "John Smith." On the other hand, if he's in a Multiplex body, maybe he'll break down into multiple John Smiths.


You should know this post started as a reply to your post, before it got too long and I remembered I had a blog of my own. And your follow-up comment sums up my feelings about the final issue nicely.

As for Greg Burgas, I don't know if he's even read my blog, or knows I exist.

Wow, that came out more Emo than I intended, maybe THAT's why I like the Red Tornado.

Marc Burkhardt said...

Hey, Red Tornado is no more emo than The Vision (Mr. Even An Android Can Cry...)

I've always liked RT because when first introduced, he was practically the only DC super-hero who felt constant pressure to prove himself - and STILL couldn't fit in with the cool kids.

Maybe a lot of comix fans hate him becuase the strikes a little too close to home?