Saturday, August 12, 2006

The McGraw Hill of Metropolis

Right, so Text Books in the DCU are named after crossovers and major storylines. Makes sense:

Bloodlines: A genetics book focusing on meta-gene detection and activation.

Our Worlds at War: A military history of intergalactic and pan-dimensional conflicts.

Genesis: Comparative theology (important in a world with old and new gods and angels who occasionally join the Justice League).

Any others?


Brandon Bragg said...

The Darkness Within: Abnormal Psych textbook focusing on costumed criminals.

Legends: A scholarly look at metahumans throughout history, with particular emphasis on the heroes of the early twentieth century.

Unknown said...

Invasion: Xenobiology text. Aliens are pretty common in the DCU, and Earth has been invaded several times, so the average person would need to be able to tell a Khund from a Dominator.

Bully said...

The Last Laugh: college book publisher and bookstores after they soak the students for $100+ textbooks. Haw!

Steven said...


While a xenobiology book would indeed be useful, you'd think J'onn and Starfire, let alone Superman, would protest such an incendiary title as "Invasion." Maybe they'd ask it to be changed to "Cosmic Odyssey" or something else more hopeful.


Tell me about it. Particularly cause I wasn't going to use them again and couldn't sell most of them back. Eventually I just stopped buying text books and took them out of the library when I needed them. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if it WAS some psychotic clown setting the prices.

Oh, and one more:

Final Night: Self-help book about coping with depression caused by the world ending. Again.