Saturday, August 05, 2006

Oh Bruce

So in Detective Comics #822, Batman reveals that the Riddler has spent the year since Infinite Crisis in a coma, and has no memory of figuring out that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

That's right: Shining Knight clobbered the Riddler so hard she knocked the Hush out of him.

Hot damn.*

Anyway, that seems to be the only thing he's forgotten. Things Eddie Nigma remembers include, but are not limited to, how to dress, morse code, where he hired his former hench-wenches, the name of the masked bouncer at an S & M club and all of the secret tunnels that lead to said club, how many times he's been in the Batmobile and that he's never been conscious while being so, and hasn't seemed to lose a bit of his puzzle solving abilities.

Well, isn't that convenient. Not for Bruce. The Riddler knew his real name for about three years now and it didn't impact Batman's life one iota. No, it's pretty convenient for the Riddler. Batman threatened to feed him to Ra's Al Ghul if Nigma ever told anyone what he knew. Now the one secret that Batman would have had the Riddler killed over has just "slipped his mind".

Or has it? Even if the Riddler really had suffered brain damage and memory loss, he's clearly recovered his mental abilities and seems even more observant than before, knowing Bruce's height to the inch and his weight to the pound. He certainly knows Batman's height as well, and seems to recognize Bruce's chin from... somewhere.

And what was that scene at Wayne Manor about? Dini makes it a point that no one, not Gordon, nor the police, not even Nigma, who lead them all there, really suspected Bruce Wayne of the murder. Nigma seemed to just be wasting time.

Unless... the Riddler was trying to get Batman's attention. Batman knew about the murder before, but doesn't get involved until after the Riddler comes knocking on his door. The Riddler even calls him on having a personal stake in the case, though Batman shrugs him off. And the Riddler clearly wants Batman there, to show off for and to take credit when Batman solves the case.

The Riddler also demonstrates that at any time, quite brazenly, he could lead a team of photographers and reporters into Wayne Manor with Gordon following close behind. Even at times it would be... inconvenient for Bruce not to be there.

So tell me, Bruce, do you really think the Riddler forgot the small fact that you're Batman?

Oh, Bruce, you idiot.

*Renee Montoya (2006)


Brandon Bragg said...

Good point. Dini seems too smart a writer to just gloss that whole secret identity thing over. Unless the powers that be told him he had to. I wonder if this issue is hinting at things to come. Hmmm...

Bully said...

Good detective work. I hadn't thought it that far through.

I just bet a later writer ignores that subtlety, though.