Monday, March 27, 2006

She Wanted Out

Some people think Wonder Woman is a lesbian, just because she grew up on an island of only women. And is really strong and tough and ready to fight. And used to shout out "Suffering Sappho" when surprised.

But I don't. Oh, I'm sure she dabbled a bit in college (or the Academy as she probably called it). But look at how quick she was to get off her island, where she was a princess and had her pick of any of the immortal and impossibly beautiful Amazons that surrounded her, the moment, the second, a man washed up on her shore.

Ironically, considering that she herself was sculpted, not born, Diana was the only breeder on the island. And the thing she craved more than anything was something her sisters just didn't have to give her. Something she could only find in Man's World.


Posy said...

Power tools? :)

Posy said...

Power tools? :) That's why I would have left, especially as the only breeder. You don't have time for manual tools when your a mother.