Sunday, March 19, 2006

It Begins

So, after blogging for two years about just about everything, I have decided to create a separate comics blog. From Warren Ellis's site, I found John Rogers's, which in turn pointed me to Kevin's, and Dorian's, and then the Comics Weblog Update-a-Tron 3000, with which I have wasted many, many hours of my time. And even though I had a blog, I wanted in.

So here I am. What are my qualifications? Well, mostly that I've been reading comics since I've been 13, starting with Adventures of Superman 500. Since that time I've filled a filing cabinet with comics, mostly DC but I do try to branch out. I wrote my senior thesis on The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. I've interned at both Marvel and DC Comics, and currently work for HarperCollins Publishers.

All of which means I know next to nothing and my opinions mean squat, but hopefully it will be at least entertaining. Here goes.