Friday, May 11, 2007

What's this fight doing over here?

Remember last month when I was bitching about not actually seeing the Batman/Karate Kid fight in Justice League #8? Well, look what shows up, just in time for Friday Night Fights!

Those are from the preview of Countdown #50. And as sweet as it looks, I kind of wish I had seen this fight in the book I actually paid money for to see it in, not in a separate book I didn't even know was related. That's dirty pool, DC!


Captain Infinity said...

In my own little fantasy world the fight continues with Karate Kid taking more and more things away from Batman until he's left standing there in his bat-briefs.

collectededitions said...

I was just commenting on this over at the DC Trade Paperback Timeline blog. I think what you see here is one of the first glimpses into how Countdown is going to function as the "backbone" of the DC Universe from the next year, showing bits and pieces of what's going on in all the titles. Annoying, I imagine, if you feel you're being cheated our of integral scenes; my bet is that DC's trying to make it so you can read any title individually, but with Countdown you get a larger picture. We'll see if this works or not.

Thanks for posting the scans!

The Midnight Gardener said...

Recently discovered your terrific blog and have enjoyed all your posts to date now. Figured the least I could do was not be one of those silent readers (the dismay of each blogger!).

I'm mostly reading comics in trade(plus the thousands of back issues in my collection), these days...and blogs like yours help me find the right ones for my comic dollars!

Keep up the great writing!!