Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dear 52

I just wanted to say thanks.

You didn't have to do that, but you did anyway, and it was great. So, you know, I appreciate that.

And, and that other thing you did? Thanks for that too.




Filby said...

Hear, hear.

SallyP said...

Yes, indeedy

Tom Foss said...

Pretty much makes up for all the slow issues, dunn'it?

Derek said...

I'm... um... What? I liked the issue, but I don't know to what two things you are refering.

Was it the exposition? I was thankful for actually getting a full explination of events from (do I have to tiptoe around spoilers that are given away on the cover? Well, just in case) you-know-who.

Steven said...

Yes, I'm thanking them for what's on the cover, and the very similar thing that happens on page 19.

The exposition was also nice, as was the nice scene with the new Mayor.

jeffedsell said...

I agree heartily, particularly about Buddy. Damn near broke my heart, before.