Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's This?

The advance solicitations for DC's August books have a few things that caught my eye. For example:

ACTION COMICS #854, it’s a desperate battle for Superman, a turning point for Jimmy Olsen, and a deadly radioactive threat for Metropolis! Will Mr. Action live or die? And what will the future hold for Krypto? Plus: giant monkey!

THE ALL-NEW ATOM #14, Ryan Choi, Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Bob the Monitor continue to search the Nanoverse for Ray Palmer.

Written by Duncan Rouleau
Art and cover by Rouleau
... But the greatest threat lies in Le Cabinet Noir and its bid to control the natural order using dangerous lieutenants like the Nameless, an armored being that feeds off the blood of the innocent and controls the Gogoloth, giant stone Golems made of Granite, Bizmuth, Onyx and Lime.

Giant monkey? Bob the Monitor? And an all new Metal Men series featuring Evil Metal Men?

Did someone at DC miss the memo? Superheroes aren't supposed to be fun!

"Fun" doesn't sell. Superhero comics are supposed to be set in the real world and feature shocking revelations that change everything forever.

Who wants to read about giant radioactive monkeys? Or cosmic beings with surprisingly mundane names? Or personable robots on insane adventures fighting giant monstrous beings?

Besides me, I mean.


Richard said...

Sign me up for another copy of this Metal Men book -- it sounds exactly right.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much any comic solicitation that includes the words "giant monkey" gets my attention...especially if Jimmy's involved.

Not so sure about the Evil Golem Metal Men, though. I mean, really, Lime? I know it'll probably turn out to be some flesh-dissolving menace, but it sounds like a soft drink that helps prevent scurvy, not a super-villain...

Anonymous said...

Dan Didio has said that the Metal Men are his favorite character.

So of course I hate the Metal Men, and will do everything in my power to see them die horrible horrible deaths, or turn evil for no good reason.