Monday, November 06, 2006


Nostalgia doesn't take long to set in. It seems that only ten years after anything, people forget about how terrible something is and start clamoring for more. Hence: Onlslaught Reborn.

Big fear for 2007?


is a sequel to THIS:


the prophet king said...

(stumbles back.)




Will Staples said...

Neo Genesis? Cool title. Throw in a few giant robots and a heaping helping of poorly-researched Judeo-Christian symbolism and I'd be all over that.

Seriously, just 'cause Darkseid looks like he'll be at the center of the next crossover doesn't necessarily mean that there's a connection. I'm not too worried.

Diamondrock said...

I'll admit I didn't read "Genesis"... What happened? And why does it warrant a


Anonymous said...

Was Genesis the one where they revealed that every single superpower came from the same source? (The Godwave?) I adore DC crossovers but that one... still doesn't interest me. Especially as it has gone utterly unreferenced since it finished.

Steven said...

filby: way to kill the comedy. Just noting that next year is the 10 year anniversary.

diamondrock: it's hard to put into words why, exactly, Genesis was terrible. It suffered from the usual Event Crossover flaws (It's crowded, stuff happens but it doesn't really have a plot, it doesn't make a lot of sense) but it just seemed to suffer them worse than usual.

Like, the plot kicks off with "The Godwave" passing over the Earth and... I don't know, bumming a lot of people out and very temporarily screwing with everyone's powers. So some aliens park over Earth and just sit there, everyone goes to the Source Wall to... something, only Darkseid's there with an Old God and... does something... and Highfather dies so some heroes go into the Source and everyone in the Universe prays to... someone...and Darkseid and Ares get stuck in the Source Wall, again, and it all works out in the end.

Yeah, there's nothing particularly hateful in Genesis, like mis-characterization or the lasting death of a beloved character. In fact, I think it commits the worse literary sin of just being confusing and boring.

Anon: the ONE clever bit about Genesis was that the Godwave Wave, the source of power for all gods and superheroes in the DCU, was officially called the Kurtzberg Field, i.e. Jacob "Kirby" Kurtzberg was God of the DCU.

Except... Kirby really isn't the God of the DCU, as much as he IS the God of the Marvel Universe, and Mark Waid did that tribute/joke in Fantastic Four much much better.

I'm not sure who God of the DCU would be. Julie Schwartz?