Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"One Punch! One Punch!"

... and for learning to solve interpersonal problems the superhero way, indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennett takes the top position as best character on Heroes, knocking heavy favorite Hiro Nakamura into a solid second.

Perennial underdog Peter Petrelli came through with a surprisingly strong showing this week, and don't forget dark horse contender Matt Parkman, who had a by.

However, Mohinder? Has got to go.


Eudaimo said...

RE: Claire, really? Even notwithstanding her gag-inducing revelation about "being yourself?" I kept waiting for a rainbow to fly across the screen with the all-too-engraved-in-my-brain "The More You Know Melody."

We are in agreement on Peter's strong showing and Mohinder's need to go away.

Unknown said...

Is it Mohinder or the stupid thing he's chasing?
I hate dream quests.

Steven said...

Yes, Claire, really. More than any other character, she gets that being heroic is fighting on behalf of others. Hiro gets that but doesn't have the follow through down yet, and Peter and Matt are motivated more by personal glory than self-sacrifice, but are both coming around.

And yeah, Mohinder.

While refusing his own call to action, his twin narrative roles, herald and mentor (weilder of exposition), have been adopted by Peter and Mr. Bennett, respectively, leaving Mohinder entirely uninteresting to me.

Maybe if he got back on track investigating the murder of his father, Mohinder could morph into Mulder, digging into the phenomena and Mr. Bennett's mysterious organization. But so far, nothing.