Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Morning Macking: Queer Eye Edition

First up, a big ole' shout out to those of you who helped out with the first Monday Morning Macking! You guys are P. I. M. P.

Secondly, those of you who didn't get your shwerve on last week needs to get in the game! Maybe it's because you're happy just punching people:

But let's face it, if you're only joy in life is smacking around the elderly, someday things are just not going to go well and you're going to end up hurting your friends and family:

What you need is a good man in your life; someone to keep you sane, keep you sober:

And then you can be happy just being yourself:

So if you want to really make the world a better place, why don't you let your readers know how to put a little love in their lives.

oh, and get. It. ON.

The Fortress Keeper teaches that love may be blind, but romancin' is right on target!


Unknown said...

The Keeper is on the, um, job.

SallyP said...

Todd is so much more pleasant now. Too bad that all they let him do over at the Justice Society is lurk in the rafters.

Steve Flanagan said...

So, which of those two guys is Obsidian? I thought that he was stuck in that shadow form.

The Fellow Traveller said...

Wow! I love that comic of the two hot dudes making out. You should check out this cool site.
The Homosexual Communist League