Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This Wordballoon interview with Greg Rucka (which is independently worth a listen for his thoughts on 52, Wonder Woman, and bringing Bucky back) ends with a discussion of the viability of a new Lois Lane-centric ongoing.

Rucka states the conventional wisdom, that setting a book in a superhero-universe without having a superhero lead is a non-seller, and points to his own critically praised but low-selling Gotham Central as proof. When the interviewer, John Siuntres, counters that a Daily Planet-ensemble book would still feature Clark "Superman" Kent and therefore might be viable, Rucka laughs it off, hoping that DC doesn't have the same idea, because while he'd love to write such a series, he just doesn't have the time.

Well, Greg, as much as I truly enjoy your work (and I do), I don't think you're the best writer for a Lois Lane ongoing. You have the characters you do well (i.e. Montoya), but Lois isn't a hard-drinking soldier dealing with a dead partner and a loss of identity.

Lois Lane is a driven, quick-witted, sharped tonged reporter with sometimes more brass than common sense dealing with real, topical issues set against a fantastic/science fictionopolis, and whose hard-bitten cynical exterior protects the surprisingly vulnerable heart of a true romantic. But, most importantly, Lois Lane takes crap from no one.

Which, let's face it, is Spider Jerusalem.

I know (my MySpace friend) Warren Ellis has that pesky "exclusive" contract with Marvel, but I honestly think he'd make a fantastic Superman writer, and an even better Lois Lane writer. Anyone who's read Transmetropolitan knows he can do the journalist hero; anyone who's read his run on The Authority knows he can do the super human action; and anyone who's read New Maps of Hell knows he has the Lois and Clark playful, competitive banter down cold. Their dialogue comes off as two people who both love each other and continually want to impress each other.

So what say you, Warren? Ready to give up writing "The New Adventures of Dark Speedball" in favor of "The Continuing Adventures of Lois Lane's Husband: Clark Kent"?

C'mon, Lois Lane deserves her own bowel disruptor!


universalperson said...

Well, I know remix17 would disagree with you...

Matt said...

Personally, I'd rather see a new Jimmy Olsen ongoing before a Lois Lane one.

But I certainly wouldn't be opposed to both...


SallyP said...

Heck, EVERYONE deserves a bowel disruptor! I know I want one.

Steven said...

Who are you, universalperson?

I ask because your comment here is really terrible. Not only are you claiming you know the mind of another person entirely, you in no way explain your disagreement or contribute any information at all. It's just a passive aggressive way of saying "You're wrong", and contributes nothing to the conversation, so why say it at all?

Other comments I have read by you on other blogs are sometimes insulting and outright combative, and the tenor of the only post on your blog--"thanking/blaming" Ragnell, Kalinara, and the women at "" for "inspiring" you, taking up the name "Fan Entitlement" from Dorian Wright--makes me worry that you have set yourself up as a reactionary:

someone who feels the voice of the underrepresented white, straight, male needs a champion, and it's going to be you.

Which is a long way of saying, if you want to play, play nice, bring something to the table and listen when others talk. Otherwise, no one will read you, no one will link to you, and if you keep up your bad attitude, I will erase your comments from here entirely.

Just saying...