Friday, December 15, 2006

Kate Kane, Why Can't I Quit You?

The DC Comics Infinite Holiday Special is worth picking up, even if they did COMPLETELY blow the pun that made me want to buy it in the first place, for all the reasons Chris mentions, and for the first solo adventure of Kate Kane, the new Batwoman.

The plot is, unfortunately, not very good. Some obtuse silent panels near the end made me re-read the story three times to figure out what was going on, and once I did, I was kind of disappointed with the simple plot.

But as a character study, it's really good short story. We learn lot about Kate as a person, who celebrates holidays quietly with her father and would rather avoid confrontation with her step-mother entirely than make a scene at the big party, who visits an elderly friend with no family, who cares about tradition and family, while not particularly caring about "traditional families", and as Batwoman, has a Frank Miller-esque violence streak that I can't say I disapprove of. (oh, and yes, in fact, she IS Jewish).

Interestingly enough, as the character was first introduced to the general public as "a wealthy, buxom lipstick lesbian", none of those facts really come into play. Her money and her sexual orientation are only alluded to in passing, and her bust size barely affects the plot at all. Heck, even her own religion isn't as important as the religion of her friend, which is a nice way of adding a character wrinkle without making it the POINT of the story.

So, yeah, I'm happy with the results. While I'm not pushing for a Batwoman ongoing just yet, I'd buy a four issue Renee Montoya/Kate Kane miniseries (Rucka, Brubaker and Lark, in a dream world, but I'd accept Rucka and Bennett in the real one).

Here's the pitch: "She's an ex-cop from the barrios of Gotham. (and a lesbian). She's a Jewish socialite by day and high-healed vigilante by night. (and a lesbian). Together, they fight crime. (and beat the ever-loving shit out of James Dobson)".

I'd buy it.


David C said...

So what *was* the plot, exactly? Like you, I reread the story three times, but am still not sure I get exactly what the relationship between all these people is.

SallyP said...

Yes, I had the same problem. Going along reading the story, and get to the end, and there was a Huh? Who ARE these other people moment. *sigh*

Ryan Singh said...

Well, what I got was - Kate was visiting Jewish old lady friend who runs Rare Book store while buying Rare Book for Dad.

While at book stare, she has a run in with Menorah. Menorah is 1-of-kind.

While patrolling, Kate finds Menorah. Only it can't be Menorah, since Menorah is 1-of-kind.

Kate beats where men had stolen clone of Menorah, henceforth known as Menorah the 2nd.

Kate spies on household where Menorah the 2nd was from, sees old woman drinking tea with barcode on her arm, and surmises she may be related to Old Jewish Lady Friend.

Kate returns Menorah the 2nd to it's original household while making sure the return address is book store of Old Jewish Lady Friend.

Old Jewish Lady Friend reunited with family!

David C said...

Ah, thanks Ryan. I think what confused me is that for some reason I got the impression the bookstore lady was also one of *Kate's* relatives.

The story probably could've used more visual clues that they were in a rare book store, for that matter.