Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween Judeo-Christians!

First off, yes, in '99 I went as Clark Kent. It helps if you already have the glasses, a suit, and superman t-shirt, and a fedora to really complete the look.

Which brings up the spit curl, Superman's "cheating cape." The little "S"-shaped hair thing that hangs in front of his face.

Because it's NOT really a spit curl. A spit curl is plastered with gel to the forehead. What Superman has is a loose forelock. It gives him a "boyish charm," (thanks, BB) like he's so busy saving lives that he doesn't have time to comb all his hair. It just happens to form the shape of an "S." It just happens to ALWAYS form the shape of an "S." In comics, you can do that.

But you can't in real life. Not on film, or television, or your Halloween costume. A loose forelock is lucky to curl attractively at all, let alone a symbolic double curve. Mine would go straight up, my brother's would endlessly curl into itself. So the make-up artist plasters that sucker down with a beehive of wax.

Which looks WRONG. And it looks wrong because it looks like CLARK gave himself that ridiculous hair-do BEFORE RUSHING OFF TO SAVE SOMEONE. So the hair "S" goes from a sign of how much Clark values people over his hair to how much Clark values his hair over people.

The dick.

Anyway, I thought was another example of one of those things that works in comics, but just doesn't when transported to other media. Flight, psychic ability, transformation, those cross over fine. But size changing capes and meaningful haircuts? Not so much...

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grkgrl88 said...


I forget now how I found your blog, but I'm sure it was through a link on another site...anyway, I've been reading on and off for a month, and now I'm looking through older posts. This is the first comment I've posted (and I'm not even sure when/if you'll see it).

Superman is my favorite hero, and I love your little discussion about his "S curl." It's so true that it would never work all the time in movies and on TV. I remember watching a DVD extra on Superman Returns and learning that they made a synthetic "S curl" for Brandon Routh but then didn't have to use it because his own hair curled well enough.

(I read your post about Batman's cape too, and it was very observant. I've never thought about that before.)