Tuesday, October 03, 2006

BOOBIES! Also: Hypertime

There's a lot of interesting stuff at this interview with Kurt Busiek at Newsarama, including an image (via Shane) which will almost certainly be pulled down which has already been re-edited by DC publicity by the time you read this. (but Shane has the original. hee hee)

Second most interesting to me, of course, is Kurt Busiek's post Infinite Crisis instructions from DC Editorial:

Infinite Crisis was the moment where DC kind of threw everything up in the air and said, "Okay, guys, pull it all back together again. You can pick bits from anywhere – from the comics, the movies, the cartoons, whatever – and polish it all up and make it go."
(emphasis mine)

... which is a lot like my understanding of how Hypertime works.

There's a lot there, with some really interesting stuff about the Lois/Clark relationship, the super-brain, the Silver Twist(?), and how it all relates to Superman: Secret Identity.

Also: boobies.


Bill D. said...

Funny that they're all worried about the boobs, and yet the hukka remains untouched in the revised version.

So remember, kids: you bodies are shameful, but smoking is cool!

Hate Filled Poster said...

I just read through your last few posts and I'm wondering why I don't have you on my sidebar. Ya got a good blog going here. I particularly liked the posts on Superman.

Thanks for the link. I hope to be back to blogging regularly in November so keep an eye out.

Steven said...

Bill: I disagree with the idea that the mere presentation of smoking is tantamount to an endorsement of smoking. From the context of the image, I don't know if the message is "smoking is cool" so much as "a hookah (or hubble bubble) is the evil alien overlord's tool for passifying his nubile sex slaves." (ok, I just wanted to use the phrase "hubble bubble.")

Hubble bubble.

As for "your bodies are shameful," that's another post altogether.

Shane: Thanks! And thanks for the find. I look forward to more posts from you soon!

Bill D. said...

I'm not saying that the hukka's presence itself is an endorsement, just that it's kind of funny that they'll cover up nudity but leave in (potential) drug paraphernalia.

And yes, hubble bubble is a very fun phrase indeed. Hubble bubble.

Matthew E said...

the hukka remains untouched in the revised version

I got all excited when I read this, until I realized you meant 'hookah' and not the guy from Atari Force.

Hate Filled Poster said...

I thought he was typing hooker with an accent.

Steven said...

And that, gentlemen, is why we use the phrase hubble bubble around here.

Hubble bubble.

The Dane said...

I don't think hookahs should be considered as Bad Things. They're enjoyable, social, relaxing, and far more healthier than smoking cigarette, cigar, or pipe tobacco as something near 99% of carcinogens and nicotine are eliminated. Though some prefer hookahs for various and sundry illegal drugs, many prefer the flavoured tobaccos that are readily and legally available in most cities.

Steven said...

Hey Dane, I'm with you. There's nothing inherently "Bad" about a hookah, any more than a cigarette, a pill, or a hypodermic needle. Just because they could be used for illicit purposes doesn't mean they are being used for those reasons.

On the other hand, again from context, I'm guessing that particular hookah is NOT filled with flavored tobacco (or anything terrestrial, for that matter).

And, of course, I don't think bare breasts should be considered as Bad Things, either. I just assumed that DC wouldn't publish Superman book with them in it.

Will Staples said...

"Okay, guys, pull it all back together again. You can pick bits from anywhere – from the comics, the movies, the cartoons, whatever"

That's funny. I read somewhere (not sure where) that Dwayne McDuffie wanted to introduce Static into the mainstream DCU, but DC's been totally against it.

Steven said...

Filby: Citation?

I read, right here, that the situation is a lot more muddled than that. With all the rights issues involved, it'd be about as hard to integrate Grifter or Tom Strong into the DCU proper. Not impossible, but really freaking hard.

Will Staples said...

Can't provide a citation -- I read it quite a while ago, and for all I know it could have been in this very weblog. In any case, Ragnell's post clears things up.