Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Man with the Plan

Sometimes, you need to fight.

But, if you're smart, you can avoid the fight altogether. And so, Diamondrock has decided to celebrate the thinking man, the intellectual, the schemer. The Man with a Plan.

A no man has a better plan than... uh... this guy:

That's just evil.


Jeremy Rizza said...

Yikes! What is that thing, anyway? A cat terrarium? (A felinarium?) Or are the imperiled kitties just painted on the side of a lunchbox? Either way, I'd seriously consider giving in to this fellow's demands. He's obviously crazy enough to try anything! But not in the good way.

Diamondrock said...

Now *that's* THINKING outside the box!

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of Kiler Croc and that puppy-throwing incident.

One of his best plans ever, but that's not saying much.