Sunday, July 30, 2006


Don't you hate it when you write a big long post but leave out the point you were trying to make?

Anyway, part of what I liked about Hypertime as a concept was that it acknowledged the pointlessness of trying to retroactively erase a character or concept from existence. No matter how much John Byrne wanted to make Superman the only survivor from Krypton, Krypto, Supergirl, and Kandor just pop up again. Or, if you prefer, Krypto, Supergirl, and Kandor. Or...

But you get the idea. The fact is, unless he went around destroying every back issue and mind-wiping the entire comics community, Byrne could never really erase the idea of Krypto, and as long as the idea existed, there would always be the desire to tell new stories with him, so he finds his way back in.

In other words, once seen, Bat-Mite cannot be unseen.

So don't try erasing the parts of a story you don't like. If it conflicts with what you want to write, just ignore it. No need to say it doesn't exist. It exists just as much as anything else you want to write about (which is to say, not really at all). Relax, have some coffee, and let it go. It will float away into the time stream, and it will come back later.

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Bully said...


The ironic part is, once upon a time, I think Byrne once subscribed, at least in part to this theory. One of the best things I've ever heard him say about superhero serial comics...I still subscribe to the concept "The only way to deal with decades of passing time in the Marvel Universe is to just ignore it."