Monday, September 10, 2007

Voice Work

Chris at Mighty God King has a neat post on writing in the voice of your characters, particularly the experiment to write your character's version of the Gettysburg Address. And he does it twice, once as Brainiac 5, and another he asks us to guess.

And I am not above stealing good ideas.

So here it is, let's see if you can guess the character (It's a comics character, you know him or her).

Listen up, chumps! Years ago, the guys in charge made this country based on the idea that everyone has rights. Everyone's protected.

Now we're fighting this goddamn war to see if they were right, whether a country like ours can even survive. And we've come here to honor the boys who got killed fighting for this country and make a little monument to them. And, yeah yeah, it seems like it's the right thing to do.

But you know what? We can't do nothing these men didn't do themselves. They were the heroes, we're just jerks talking. If we really want to honor their memory, we gotta keep fighting. We gotta finish what these guys started and take the fight to those a-holes who started this. We take the fight to them and we tell 'em, "this country's going to survive, and it's going to be better than ever. And freedom, and equality, and justice? They ain't going nowhere, man. No way!"


Anonymous said...

Nick Fury?

Christopher Bird said...

I'm guessing Wolverine.

SallyP said...

Hah! Guy Gardner! Although he usually throws in a paen to Ronald Reagan.

Christopher Bird said...

Shit, Guy Gardner is a much better guess. I'm changing my vote.

Steven said...

Yeah, it's Guy Gardner. I'm glad someone guessed it within 2 hours of it being written, 'cause it means I got something of the character to shine through.

I chose Guy because it was surprisingly hard to find a character that had a distinct voice (Superman and Captain America sound remarkably similar) that didn't also have some ridiculous affectations ("poozer" "have at thee" any Claremont-ism).

I mean, if the first two words where "Hey, Bub!" you'd know it was Wolverine, but you wouldn't know anything about Wolverine.

Here, I got to show off some of Guy's need for attention, belligerence, fraternal camaraderie, begrudging respect, and macho posturing. Humorously, I walked away with a new appreciation for the character's depth, because if there's anyone who'd appreciate the Gettysburg Address's message of "Stop talking, start shooting!", it's Guy.

(as for no Reagan reference, I couldn't decide if this was the Civil War or Sinestro War, so I tried to split the difference and leave out details).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the last sentence does confirm its not one of marel and DC's assortment of hard battlin' boys from the big war.

Shoulda' noticed.

Will Staples said...

Figured it was Guy three words in -- not many other characters would call their listeners "chumps." ;)

About halfway through I started suspecting Sergeant Rock, though.

SallyP said...